Looking for an easy and affordable way to get to Allianz Stadium this Sunday for our clash against the Sydney Roosters? Well our good friends and corporate partner GoCatch are offering a special offer to our Sea Ealges Members and fans!

By using the code GOMANLY2018 on the GoCatch App this Sunday, passengers will receive $20 off their trip with an electronic payment method.

Simply click the link here and fill out your details!

GoCatch are that helpful that they'll even create an account for you – simply click the link here and fill out your details. If you have an existing account, use the code GOMANLY2018 and you're on your way!

Sunday's match is crucial to our 2018 season and we need your support. Steps to booking a vehicle:

1. Select the time for pickup. The App automatically has the time set for Now. If you would like to Book in Advance, tap the calendar icon and set the pick-up time from 30 minutes in advance

2. Set the pick-up location. The App automatically sets your current location. To change the location, tap the green dot to set another location

3. Set the drop-off destination. Tap the red dot and type in the destination

4. Choose the vehicle class (Economy, Taxi, Maxi or Premium)

5. Tap Request at the bottom and a confirmation screen will appear. Make sure all the details are correct and check your payment method is correct one. Once you are happy tap Request again

6. Your booking will be dispatched to the closest drivers around in that area. Don't miss out on this great offer and we'll see you there!