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The Sea Eagles Foundation proudly supports our local community.

We aim to provide people across the Northern Beaches of Sydney with the tools to succeed and thrive within our community.

The Club is central to the community of the Northern Beaches and the Sea Eagles Foundation plays a pivotal role in helping our people reach their full potential.

With the assistance of our community partners, we can deliver targeted programs designed to complement other community and schooling projects.

Our community is courageous, strong, and resilient - just like our players, but sometimes everyone just needs a helping hand to take the next step.

Some of our community partners and beneficiaries include:

Avalon Youth Hub

Avalon Youth Hub is a community service focusing on emotional well-being and associated issues, offering free one-on-one counselling, case management, mentoring and workshops to support young people in the Pittwater region.

They connect with the community by providing a space where everyone feels welcome and can have a meaningful conversation if they are up for it. The aim is to break down the stigma to help-seeking and letting the community know that the hub is here.

Boomerang Effect

The Boomerang Effect is a holistic strengths-based resilience program that equips young people with a range of skills that improves resilience and decision-making, helping them to overcome life’s challenges easily and over time, flourish in all environments whether that is school, home, sport or social.

With your support, we can increase the number of schools that participate in this program and provide greater support to young people in our community.

Veterans Centre Sydney Northern Beaches

The VCSNB is an independent ex-service organisation, founded with a vision to network, improve and standardise support services to Northern Beaches veterans and their families. The VCSNB takes a unique approach to service delivery, a wellbeing first approach which encompasses all aspects of assistance provided.